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Do I need Self-Discipline?

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If you relate to the title and are wondering the same; this article is definitely for you. Discipline is what makes you organized. Self –discipline is not an alien concept to us, we simply tend to ignore it, undermining its importance in our lives.

Right from getting up in the morning till your sleep time, every activity must be disciplined. This might take you aback but that’s the way you take control of your mind and hence life. Everything starts small and eventually grows big and the art of disciplining is no exception.

Every mess in your life, be it social, relationship or professional is because you lack self-discipline. Self-Discipline shatters your self-created image of blaming others for your own mess, of not being able to complete tasks at hand irrespective of any reason whatsoever.

Self-Discipline is not for everybody, it’s only for those who believe and want to achieve more even beyond their imagination. Because for others, it’s simply a philosophy or something fancy that is only applicable for successful people. Self-Discipline is not for successful people, it is for people who want to be.

When you start thinking beyond your routine work and routine life, you see there is something more to life than the daily rut. You get pepped up with this new glimpse of possible-awesome-life. This motivation lingers with you for some time and eventually dies down unless you make conscious efforts to sustain it by any means. Only in such times Self-Discipline is applicable because you ‘need’ it and understand the importance of it. If you are not heckled by circumstances it’s difficult to understand the importance of discipline. Although if you do, you emerge as one of the strongest yourself you yourself ever known.

Self-Discipline is not only waking up early for gym, it’s just a start, Self-Discipline is much more than that. Self-Discipline is a multi-faceted trait which acts as a catalyst in molding your mindset.

Ability to make yourself do what you know you should do, when you should do, whether you feel like it or not – Brian Tracy

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Give others what you want

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Give others what you want

It seems strange but it works wonders – Give what you want. This simple yet profound methodology will change your understanding of giving & receiving drastically. Even the thought itself of giving what you want, seems totally absurd. For the simple logic that how I can give what I want, as I simply don’t have it. This methodology applies to tangible as well as non-tangible things.

Giving and Receiving

Let’s take an example to understand what we know and what this title says. Suppose you want motivation for some of your activity, you look out for sources where you can get motivated which maybe talking to motivating people, listening to audios or videos or new wallpapers. All these options for any aspect are workable but it has external dependency. But when you think one step further i.e. looking for motivation not only for yourself but for others too, you are exerting pressure on yourself by taking responsibility to motivate others. In turn you are in a better position to motivate yourself and then motivating others becomes a little easy. Let’s understand how this ‘exerting pressure’ concept works.

It’s a well-known scientific fact that our mind works wonder under pressure. There’s a famous real life story of an aged mother saving her child trapped under car body and its tyre. During a sunny day, a guy in his early 30’s was fixing his car in his parking lot while his mother was cooking breakfast in the kitchen. There was sudden ‘thud’ heard in the neighborhood and this guy’s mother came running to check on her son and found his head stuck under the tyre and the body of the car. In the meanwhile the whole neighborhood gathered looking for help, but this mother without a second thought rushed to lift the car without realizing that she is physically incapable of lifting a whole car. In a spur of the moment she gathered so much energy that she actually lifted the car, while others assisted her son to get his head out of the trap. We all know that in normal circumstances nobody would even attempt to lift a ‘car’ all by himself/herself but this old lady actually did!! There’s no secret behind this, it’s just that our mind gives us wonderful results under pressure, the results that we never expected.

Now the title “Give what you want”, indicates you to exert pressure on your mind to perform better. This external artificial pressure is needed because we are not really accustomed to give better results unless it’s crisis time. This is purely natural and we’ve got this trait into our cells, but once we get a taste of how great we can really perform under pressure, it gives a big boost to our self-esteem. When we contemplate on ways to produce better results for anything, we’ve an in-built laid back attitude because we are not time-bound.

In other words we know that we don’t have any crisis to be mitigated or averted, so we need not workup our mind ‘that’ much. This happens when you want motivation for yourself, peace of mind for yourself or money for yourself. But the moments you think that you want to provide peace of mind, motivate others, have surplus money; in the first place you should have peace of mind, you should be self-motivated, you should have money at least for yourself. This exerts the extra required pressure on your mind to work wonders.

The title also goes along with the ever-green & life-transforming concept of ‘Thinking-Big’. When you think of giving others what you want, you are obviously thinking big – larger than yourself; this is where this concept works magic.

Start giving others what you want !!!


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